Surrounded by the obnoxious Valley Girls at a coworker’s wedding brunch, Marisa realizes she needs a date to the wedding. After a few failed attempts at finding a suitor, she sets her sights on a man across the room. After finally working up the courage to ask him out, her plans are suddenly foiled.

mab movie poster 1

Marisa at Brunch is something that we have never tried. Our class’s typical films focus on global health, human rights, and overcoming disease. However, each year we try to make one short film that is completely out of our purview – an oddball. This pushes us to expand our creativity and technical production to keep us sharp and invigorated. This year, Marisa at Brunch was a wonderful and fun film that allowed us to push our writing and filmmaking skills beyond what we would typically consider. While teaching filmmaking and global health students at Yale University, we capitalized on their amazing energy to create this short comedy. We hope this film provides you with a few chuckles from an all-too-familiar situation.